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COB 6008 – MACAU 2003

In 2002, Kevin Kivlochan was searching for a race-prepared AC Cobra; very few existed and of that select handful, one of the most original was COB 6008, which is one of only three right-hand drive FIA-bodied cars built in period. In addition, its history could be traced back to the original owner.

At the time, the Cobra was owned by James Lindsay who expressed little interest in selling it. However, following a number of discussions and corresponding price increases, James relented and both parties came to an agreement. The only problem was that the car was in the hold of a ship en route to the 50th Anniversary race at the 2003 Macau Grand Prix. It was decided that James and Bill Wykeham would race the car as planned and any body or mechanical damage incurred would be repaired prior to Kevin taking delivery.

Shortly before the event, James decided that it was too much of a risk to race a car he no longer owned, so Kevin packed his race suit and flew to Macau to become acquainted with his Cobra which was waiting in the pits beside the smallest box of spare parts he had ever seen. Fortunately the race passed without mishap, car and driver coming home in 10th place overall.

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