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The careers of so many classic cars are today split into two distinct camps; those that are restored to perfection and parked as static exhibits in climate-controlled private collections, to be admired by a mere handful of people as they increase in value, or those more fortunate cars, owned by enlightened enthusiasts that continue to be driven and enjoyed. Those cars do what they were built to do, continuing the legacy that was promoted so effectively by Carroll Shelby, that a big engine in a lightweight car is a recipe for fun. In the case of this Cobra, it was destined to serve as a race car from day one and, apart from a few years of idleness, it has been returned to active duty at race circuits around the world.

Thanks to such an enlightened attitude on the part of so many owners, it is possible for new converts to motor sport to witness the great cars that were built and raced during the 1960s, competing wheel to wheel in historic races where the cars are driven as hard, and in some cases harder, than they were in period. COB 6008 is exercised on a regular basis, on the road and at tracks as diverse as Le Mans, Macau and Goodwood, as well as smaller club events such as those organised by the AC Owners Club. To be able to make such regular use of any classic car, it has to be maintained to the highest level of mechanical preparation. Whenever a request arrived to borrow the car for a magazine article, it was always granted in order to expand and build on the information available about the Cobra marque. Rather than become an immobile piece of automotive sculpture, 6008 has brought years of pleasure to countless race fans that appreciate the sound of a small-block V8 at full throttle.

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MACAU 2003

CROFT 2004


GOODWOOD Revival 2007

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Le Mans Classic 2008


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