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In July 2009, 6008 was invited to be part of a unique gathering of AC Cobras, from the original cars of the early sixties to the latest variant built in Germany. This took place on the banked circuit of the old Brooklands track, and the Mercedes-Benz-World test track where the action photography took place. The result was a comprehensive feature that appeared in Octane magazine later that year, covering thewide range of Cobra-related sports cars that have been constructed by AC Cars Ltd. since 1963.

COB6008 was the ideal representative of the FIA-bodied race cars and the collection included the 289 MkII, 289 MkII race cars, 427, MkIV, Superblower/CRS, 212S/C and the Continuation cars. Octane deputy editor Keith Adams had his work cut out as he struggled to remember all the information that came his way, while trying to make sense of the convoluted history of the Cobra. The final article did much to promote the Cobra story and proved a memorable gathering for all concerned.

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