COB 6008 – Today – GOODWOOD REVIVAL 2011

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Kevin Kivlochan and Eddie Cheever co-drove COB6008 in the RAC TT Celebration race, qualifying 14th.
The start of the race was in damp conditions, Eddie was up to 5th place by Madgwick corner, following the Ferraro GTO of Nick Mason and leading the Cobra Le Mans Prototype of Shaun Lynn. He picked off the competition, taking the car up to 2nd place. But as the weather conditions worsened, so did visibility, Eddie’s last lap being driven with his head hanging out the window to see where he was going.
Unable to see his pit board he missed the pit window, resulting in a one minute penalty for the duo, dropping from their finish in 5th to 14th overall. They did however achieve 4th fastest lap of the race.