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This B6 made its race debut and First Win on 16th April 1967, in the GT championship at Brands Hatch, driven by Digby Martland. Chassis DBE 6 has had a continuous chain of ownership from new,

1967                Digby Martland.
1968                David Good.
1968                Ian Scailles.
1969                David Good.
1969                John Bamford.
1970                Derek McMahon.
1971                Jeremy Sumner.
1985                Richard Dodkins.
1992                Andrew Jackson (1992 – 1999 maintained by RW Racing Ltd, UK).
1999                Eric Leerdam/Hans Bronsgeest (NL).
1999 – 2000     Restored by Beek Auto Racing (NL).
2000 – 2005     Maintained by Beek Auto Racing (NL).
2014                Mark Freeman.
2016                Current owner.

Digby Martland was reunited with DBE-6 in August 2016,
pictured here outside the BRDC club house at Silverstone.

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Digby with Chevron in the Paddock – back in the day (photo by Georg Holler)


Digby Martland with Chevron in Duckhams advert from the 60’s